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Kelsey Sommer Voice Studio



As a teacher, I help to build a solid foundation for the singer so that their natural sound soars.  


I instill proper technique and encourage all of my students to work hard toward their goals, no matter what age or level.


All lessons are encouraged to be recorded, to be used as a practice tool for improvement.


Young Voices:


This group is comprised of children who are between the ages of 8-14.  As a rule, I prefer to start working with students at around age 10.  This is because the voice is a muscle and it is important to give it some time to grow.  For children under 10 years old, only 30 minute lessons will be scheduled, as to not over work the voice.  I would also highly recommend that the singer start piano lessons.  This will not only help your singer develop a strong ear for music, but will also encourage the reading of music.   


I can work on a case by case basis and a trial lesson can be arranged to see what fits best for the student and the parents.

Junior Voices:
This level of voice includes those between ages 15 - 20.  These voices usually have had more experience singing, but not always, and are ready to become more involved and serious musicians.  I will primarily teach in the genres of jazz, musical theatre, and classical/operatic.  I have personal experience with all of these genres and can offer additional coaching for the student.  
At this level, I would encourage performance outside of lessons. Whether in recitals held at the studio, singing at your local place of worship, musicals, operettas, concerts, or competitions.  Any opportunity to get up in front of an audience to perform is a good one. 
*Additional lessons during the week can be arranged to strengthen the voice faster, prepare for auditions, and for seperate coaching sessions.


Advanced Voices:


At this level of singing, ages 21 & up, the focus is on refinement and fine tuning.  I will work with each singer to help them reach their goal and become strong singers and performers.  At this level, I will only focus on classical and musical theatre singing. 


As an advanced singer, continuous performance opportunites and participation in various competitions is key.  Please be prepared to work hard and develop your voice to its greatest potential. 


As a Classical student, there is a requirement of knowledge and understanding of diction in Italian, French, and German.  The International Phonetic Alphabet will be used for all languages including English.


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